Smashed Pumpkin

Shipyard Brewing‘s Smashed Pumpkin is the latest in their “Pugsley’s Signature Series” line of beers, wherein Alan Pugsley, their Master Brewer, gets to go a little crazy, flex his brewing chops, and produce some big interesting beers. I received this bottle of Smashed Pumpkin last week, and this beer definitely … Continue reading

Received: Smashed Pumpkin

FedEx dropped this off tonight: Shipyard Brewing‘s latest in their Pugsley’s Signature Series, Smashed Pumpkin. (I mentioned it previously here.) ‘Tis the start of the season for pumpkin beers, and this one’s a big one: 9% alcohol by volume. I’m anxious to try it—regular readers know that pumpkin beers are … Continue reading

Shipyard Pumpkin sounds goooood…

I’m behind on posting a bunch of stuff but I did want to highlight the press release that came in for Shipyard Brewing: the one announcing the latest in their “Pugsley’s Signature Series” line, Smashed Pumpkin. More like “Imperial” Smashed Pumpkin… this monster is 9% alcohol by volume which is … Continue reading