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San Diego beer notes: O’Brien’s Beer Bar

On Saturday during our trip to San Diego, my brother and I (along with a friend of his and two kids) made it down to O’Brien’s Beer Bar. O’Brien’s is my brother’s favorite bar in San Diego—I believe he even said “the best”—because of their incredible beer list and atmosphere. I shall defer to his judgment on this issue; I was suitably impressed. Dispel any images of a chic, uptown type of place when you … Continue reading →

San Diego beer notes: Oggi’s Pizza & Brewing

Oggi’s Pizza & Brewing is another mainstay of the San Diego brewing scene, one I’ve reviewed before and visited several times now (each visit to San Diego we go there). In fact, Oggi’s is a chain of brewpubs, with a ton of locations. This time around, we visited two. The first was the Point Loma pub where we had an impromptu lunch. This one is a pretty typical sports bar, with their house beers on … Continue reading →

San Diego beer notes: San Diego Brewing

Our first night in San Diego last week we visited San Diego Brewing for dinner and beer. SD Brewing is a favorite of my brother’s, and—like Stone Brewing—they offer an impressive taplist of beers as well as their own house beers. I’ve reviewed them before, back in 2004 (wow, five years already…), and I don’t have an extensive review this time, just several thoughts and observations. I had two beers there: their own Old Town … Continue reading →