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SF Beer Week…by way of San Diego

San Francisco Beer Week is an amazing extravaganza of beer and community that resonates throughout the Bay Area and this year’s ran from February 8-17. For the launch of this incredible event… I thought it would be fun to instead pay visit my old home of San Diego for the weekend! I lived in San Diego for about 10 years and while I honestly never particularly liked living down there I have enjoyed my visits … Continue reading →

San Diego Beer Week starts tomorrow

Starting tomorrow, November 4th, San Diego Beer Week kicks off in a 10-day extravaganza that promotes San Diego’s thriving craft beer culture by sponsoring a ten-day countywide festival that attracts beer tourism, fosters knowledge of our regional brewing heritage, and serves as a showcase for San Diego’s breweries, restaurants, pubs, and other businesses with ties to the craft beer community. SDBW is one of the “big” beer weeks out there, with an amazing number of … Continue reading →

A(nother) week in San Diego

My year-end was spent in San Diego for the second time this year; how was yours? It was a bit of a last-minute trip. When we visited in June, it was to attend the baby shower of my sister-in-law and see them (her and my brother) before their first baby was born. We had talked about doing a post-Christmas trip to see the baby, but had ruled it out until the very last minute. So, … Continue reading →

Thinking about Beer Weeks

On Saturday I posted a press release about San Diego’s first Beer Week, which will be taking place November 6th through the 15th, and thought it was worth promoting beyond just the press release. Really, I’m kind of surprised it took San Diego this long to start a beer week; seems like every other major metro area has one (Oregon has a whole month), and SD has a huge beer-centric culture going on there. Their … Continue reading →

Press Release: San Diego Kicks Off First-Ever Beer Week

Home to more than 33 brew houses, San Diego is fast becoming one of the country’s premier craft beer destinations. With so much good beer flowing, it’s time for San Diego to host its own Beer Week. Running from November 6th through the 15th, San Diego Beer Week is a ten-day celebration of San Diego’s thriving brewing culture, inspiring people to drink local craft beer. “We have amazing brewing talent in this city and we’ve … Continue reading →