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Redhook Tripel

I cracked open the bottle of Redhook Tripel tonight that I received last week, unsure of what to expect but with high hopes all the same. I have to say I wasn’t disappointed; Redhook has extended beyond their comfort zone with a big beer that will surprise people, I think. The Belgian Tripel style is a big, strong golden ale typically fortified with sucrose sugar: Belgian candi sugar as is often the case (what was … Continue reading →

Received: Redhook Tripel

Almost no sooner did I write about Redhook’s new Tripel limited release than I receive the bottle I mentioned. It came yesterday, and included a nice bit of glassware. The box came wrapped with gold-embossed red ribbon proclaiming “Redhook Limited Release 2009.” And of course, what’s inside is what counts. The goblet’s great, and I really like the design of the labeling on the bottle; it’s simple though expressive. I’ll do a closer picture when … Continue reading →


Updating the Press Releases this evening, an a couple of items caught my interest. First, the long-awaited (by me, at least) #3 in the “LTD” series from Full Sail: a Pilsner. I was beginning to wonder since they released 01 and 02 several times. It’ll be available this summer from June to September. (The “LTD” series is Full Sail’s “small batch lager” beer series; each batch number is theoretically only going to be brewed once.) … Continue reading →