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Oregon Beer News, 10/27/2015

Oregon Beer News for Tuesday, October 27, 2015. News in beer and brewing from all around Oregon, including events, tastings, festivals, and more. If you have news to share, let me know! Continue reading →

A Pyramid Scheme

Pyramid is a brewing stalwart hailing from the Pacific Northwest with its origins dating back to the mid-80s. Having weathered the many ups-and-downs in the market over the past (nearly) three decades, their beers have remained remarkably consistent and they have a steady stream of seasonal offerings. While a fan going waaay back (their tasty Apricot Ale was one of my ‘gateway’ beers into the craft beer world back in college) it wasn’t until moving … Continue reading →

Bike to Brew Chapter One: East Bay

A little background to this post… one of the things I love most about living in the Bay Area, especially compared to Southern California, is how commutable the area can be without a car. While hosting a pretty darned good mass transit system, San Francisco often ranks fairly high on lists of “most bike friendly city in the United States” and I can confirm this being true as a daily bike commuter. There’s another list, … Continue reading →

Audacious Apricot Ale

One of the Pyramid brews that I received was their Audacious Apricot Ale (previously their Apricot Weizen, and before that, simply Apricot Ale), one that I’ve waxed nostalgic about on several occasions, but not that I’ve ever formally reviewed. This isn’t a “formal” review either, like my usual ones, but the beer made an impression that I wanted to write about anyway. I’ve called the original Pyramid Apricot Ale I drank back in the ’90s … Continue reading →

Pyramid (Spring) Fling Pale Ale

Ah, Pyramid. Between owning MacTarnahan’s, being owned by Magic Hat, contract brewing at several locations, it’s tough to know what’s what with them. I still remember the Pyramid of the ’90s and early ’00s, with their Apricot Ale and Snow Cap in particular as strong, leading beers, so I’ve been a bit confused over the various branding changes they’ve undergone over the past few years—if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and I never thought … Continue reading →