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Portland Beer Week 2012 announced

This year’s Portland Beer Week is taking place June 7 through 17 (two months earlier than last year’s August debut) and the official press release/announcement was sent out the other day. Notable this year is the brewing of an official beer for Portland Beer Week, an “India Red Lager” collaboration brew between Deschutes Brewery (Portland Pub) and Hopworks Urban Brewery; and there are many other events lined up as well. It should be a good … Continue reading →

Portland Beer Week

It was bound to happen: Portland Beer Week! It joins all the other beer weeks that have been popping up across the U.S., and with Eugene Beer Week and Medford Beer Weeks adds to the inevitable rise of Oregon-based beer weeks—along with the upcoming Corvallis Beer Week (via The New School). From the 19th through the 28th (neatly coinciding with the Beer Bloggers Conference this weekend), Portland will be awash in a ton of special … Continue reading →