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Pliny the Younger at the Brew Shop wrap-up

Yesterday (Sunday the 11th) was the Pliny the Younger Day at the Brew Shop / Platypus Pub here in Bend, the second year in a row that a 5-gallon keg of this highly-coveted beer has made it to Bend (though the venue changed from last year). Naturally I attended (along with my wife and one of the kids, and we all got lunch—yes the Platypus Pub is family-friendly) and took some pictures; here’s the rundown. … Continue reading →

Pliny the Younger in Bend at The Brew Shop 3/11

Russian River Brewing‘s much-coveted Pliny the Younger is coming to Bend again this year (read about its appearance last year) and this time it’s showing up this Sunday, March 11th, at The Brew Shop. However, besides just offering a packed-house-tasting, The Brew Shop (and downstairs Platypus Pub) is turning this into a fundraising event, with proceeds benefiting the Humane Society of Central Oregon. Here’s the press release: Platypus Pub and The Brew Shop are pleased to … Continue reading →

Pliny the Younger

I made mention in this month’s Session post about Russian River Brewing‘s Pliny the Younger making an extremely rare appearance at The Abbey Pub: a single five-gallon keg, tapped at noon on Saturday the 5th, with 10-ounce glasses for $8.50. One of the very few kegs, I’m sure, to make it north of the California-Oregon border, and quite a coup for Geoff (owner of The Abbey) to pull off. I made it to the Pub … Continue reading →

The Session #49: Regular Beer

This month’s Session kicks off the fifth year of “Beer Blogging Friday” originally proposed and started by Stan Hieronymus—and appropriately enough, Stan is once again taking up the hosting mantle (he hosted the very first Session in March 2007). The topic Stan chose for this month is “Regular Beer“: Please write about a regular beer (time to lose the quotation marks). You get to define what that means, but a few possibilities: * It might … Continue reading →