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The Session #64: Pale in Comparison

Today is the FirstĀ and first Friday of June, and among the beer blogs that means it’s time for The Session, a monthly collaborative blogging project wherein a different “host” for the month selects a topic to write about, and then compiles and links to all the various participating blogs who have written something about that topic. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to touch base on the various beer bloggers and read … Continue reading →

The next Session: Pale ales

The next Session is taking place on Friday, June 1, and it’s being hosted by Carla Companion, The Beer Babe, that month. She’s bringing us back to styles and has selected what may be the most underrated style to write about these days: What is the one beer style usually makes up the first position in the sample flight, but yet is usually the one that we never get really excited about? The Pale Ale. … Continue reading →