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Oregon Garden Brewfest: What to drink

With this year’s Oregon Garden Brewfest only a week away, it’s time to look over that beer lineup I posted previously and make some lists—my picks for my own must-try beers, and general recommendations for the non-hardcore beer geeks. (Because of course when I’m getting ready for a beer fest, I like to make lists!) My approach to fests is often to seek out and try beers I haven’t had before, and I especially like … Continue reading →

Oregon Garden Brewfest: The beer lineup

The Oregon Garden Brewfest over in Silverton this month is bigger than ever before, hosting 62 breweries (and meaderies and cideries) that will be pouring at least 125 beers (and meads and ciders)—that’s a stunning amount of beers represented, and the number of breweries is approaching Oregon Brewers Festival levels. They’ve got the list of participating breweries online, though they aren’t listing the beers being poured. But! I’ve got that right here. It’s a good … Continue reading →

The 9th annual Oregon Garden Brewfest is the biggest one yet

This month the 9th annual Oregon Garden Brewfest takes place at the Oregon Garden in Silverton (about 15 miles east of Salem), starting Friday April 26 and lasting all weekend. This year’s OGBF is the biggest one yet, as it’s the first year to run all three days of the weekend, the beer list has expanded to include 62 breweries who will be pouring at least 125 different beers, and they’ll have 22 bands performing … Continue reading →

Oregon Garden Brewfest wrap-up review

Yesterday I posted my thoughts and notes about the Brewer’s Tasting Dinner for the Oregon Garden Brewfest, so today is the rest of it: my review of the Brewfest (from attending on Friday). Interestingly the press release just came out yesterday highlighting the record attendance for this year’s Brewfest (6000 vs. 3200 last year which seems pretty respectable for Silverton) and the People’s Choice beer of the Fest—more on that in a bit. First off, … Continue reading →

Oregon Garden Brewfest: Brewer’s Tasting Dinner

On Thursday night, the Oregon Garden Resort hosted the Brewer’s Tasting Dinner precursor to the weekend’s Oregon Garden Brewfest: the first year they’ve done a beer-pairing dinner I believe. I’d been invited to attend (along with a number of other regional bloggers), both the Dinner and the OGBF the next day¬†(see my disclosure at the bottom of this post), so naturally doing what I do I took a number of pictures and wrote down notes. … Continue reading →