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The 10th annual Oregon Garden Brewfest is next month

Next month, the Oregon Garden Brewfest is taking place from April 25 through 27 at the Oregon Garden in Silverton—the final full weekend of April. This is a terrific Brewfest, set against the backdrop of the amazing Oregon Garden, and this 10th iteration is the biggest yet, featuring some 130 beers (and cider and mead) from 65 breweries over its three days. There is also the Thursday night Brewer’s Tasting Dinner the eve of the … Continue reading →

Oregon Garden Brewfest weekend wrap up and review

Last weekend’s trip to Silverton for the Oregon Garden Brewfest was fantastic: perfect weather, amazing location, bigger-than-ever festival, great Thursday night Brewer’s Dinner. This has become one of my must-attend events (something I’d already decided pretty much after last year’s Fest, but this trip cemented that for me) for all of those above reasons, plus it’s so low-key; as I wrote last year: …people were having a good time, without the crazy loud crowd scene that was … Continue reading →

Oregon Garden Brewfest Brewer’s Dinner recap

This past Thursday night as a prelude to the Oregon Garden Brewfest, the Oregon Garden Resort hosted the Brewer’s Tasting Dinner featuring six courses paired with special beers (and one cider) all from brewers pouring at the Fest (thought the beers themselves weren’t necessarily pouring), and I have to say, it was even better than last year’s Dinner. Here’s my brief recap. First course: cheese plate, Fontina, Boursin and a dill Havarti  with dried fruit and … Continue reading →

Oregon Garden Brewfest is going strong this weekend!

A quick post on this weekend’s Oregon Garden Brewfest (until I get a chance to write a more in-depth article). With two full days to go and beautiful weather (really you couldn’t ask for a better weekend!), this is definitely one of the weekend’s best bets if you’re looking for something to do. Get down to Silverton and check it out! A few quick teaser pics:

Oregon Garden Brewfest: What to drink

With this year’s Oregon Garden Brewfest only a week away, it’s time to look over that beer lineup I posted previously and make some lists—my picks for my own must-try beers, and general recommendations for the non-hardcore beer geeks. (Because of course when I’m getting ready for a beer fest, I like to make lists!) My approach to fests is often to seek out and try beers I haven’t had before, and I especially like … Continue reading →