My Oregon Brewers Festival beer picks (2011)

Looking over the expanded list of beers I published last week for the Oregon Brewers Festival, there are always a bunch that stand out and make it onto my “must try” list. I don’t know how good they will be, but I guarantee they will be interesting; I don’t know … Continue reading

Oregon Brewfest list of beers

The list of beers for the Oregon Brewers Festival is published, and this year the Fest is pouring 85 different beers throughout the four-day event. (That’s not even counting the Buzz Tent beers!) The list was also sent out with details and descriptions (written by Gary Corbin) in a media … Continue reading

It’s July, so it’s Oregon Craft Beer Month

July in Oregon brings us Oregon Craft Beer Month, a sort of month-long “Oregon Beer Week” celebrating Oregon’s craft beer culture. The events are statewide and thus not as densely packed as most of the schedules you see for a typical Beer Week, which leads to some dilution to the … Continue reading

Oregon Brewers Festival next month

It’s just a bit over a month away until this year’s Oregon Brewers Festival, and I’m starting to get excited for it: this will be the first time in a few years that I’ll be able to make it to Portland to attend the Fest. It’s taking place July 28th … Continue reading

Oregon Brewfest

Sadly I’m not going to make it to the Oregon Brewers Festival this year, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about it: my last two posts on Hop Press were “field guide” articles, including my annual beer picks. So while this year is no good for me, next … Continue reading

Oregon Brewers Festival 2010 beers

The beer list for this year’s Oregon Brewers Festival has been posted, and it’s pretty impressive! There are all the usual suspects, of course, but there are a few standouts that caught my eye: Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale from Boulevard Brewing Hibiscus Ginger Beer from Caldera Brewing Dogfish Head (TBA) … Continue reading

Oregon BrewFest 2009: Busier than ever?

Today is likely the busiest day of the Oregon Brewers Festival, and I just read on Twitter that they are expecting to run out of mugs today(!)—and they’ll hand out plastic cups at no charge. And if you bring an old mug on Sunday, they’ll fill that up for you … Continue reading

Oregon BrewFest 2009: My picks (what I would drink)

The Brewfest started today! The parade kicking off the Fest started at 11:30, and beers are pouring. Looking over the impressive list of beers for this year’s Oregon Brewers Festival, I can’t help but make a list of what beers I’d go after. Generally speaking, I’d start with the lighter … Continue reading

Oregon BrewFest 2009: The Buzz Tent

There’s this new “Buzz Tent” at the Oregon Brewers Festival this year, which, in addition to the Fest’s regular beer line-up, will be offering limited, first-come, first-served tastes of unique beers. The kind of beer that would generate a “buzz” presumably. Here’s the lowdown, sent out by OBF marketer extraordinaire … Continue reading

Oregon BrewFest 2009: the beers

The updated Oregon Brewers Festival site has a terrific beers page that you can view to see each of the 81 beers being poured this year: and you can click each one to expand for more detail. It’s a neat interface, but too much clicking for my patience threshold. Good … Continue reading