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Oregon Brewfest beer list

The Oregon Brewers Festival is now one week away so it’s time to start looking at the beer list and making plans! I’m examining the full list (which appears below) and I’ve done an informal tally of styles. This year definitely seems like the Pale Ale/IPA fest—there are some 27 beers that can fit into these categories—with a strong fruit-and-summertime showing as well; not too many darker beers this time around—though these might show up … Continue reading →

“My First Oregon Brewers Festival” movie, July 5

The Oregon Brewers Festival is just over a month away and this year is a milestone year for the event: 25 years of the OBF! As part of the celebration leading up to the OBF this year, the Oregon Brewers Guild is presenting a special documentary movie, “My First Oregon Brewers Festival”, which will air on July 5 at McMenamins Mission Theater. This 60-minute documentary features interviews with brewers, beer drinkers and others during the … Continue reading →

OBF beers days 2 and 3

Friday at the Oregon Brewers Festival I tried 10 more beers (after essentially 19 the day before), and Saturday I had five (though two were repeats). All in all I managed to sample all but three beers from my own “must try” list, which is pretty good. Here are my notes from the beers that I had those last two days: Berried Alive!, Old Market Pub & Brewery, 5.5%abv; brewed with some 446 pounds of … Continue reading →

Final OBF beer suggestions

Being that today is the last day of the Oregon Brewers Festival, you may want to head down there this afternoon to get a chance to try some final beers. Based on what I’ve had the past several days, here are some final recommendations you might want to seek out: Burnside Brewing Gratzer Ninkasi Helles Belles Goose Island Pepe Nero Lucky Lab Crazy Foyston Alt Prodigal Sun Bruce/Lee Porter Dogfish Black & Red Full Sail … Continue reading →

OBF beers day 1

Thursday opening day of the Oregon Brewers Festival was a busy beer drinking day for me: I only sampled four beers via token but I also had the 15 samples from the blogger preview so by the time I left about 4:30 (where I headed on up to the Tugboat Brewery for another beer) I had tried 19 samples total at the Fest. You can read the reviews of the 15 on the preview post, … Continue reading →