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Oregon BrewFest 2009: Busier than ever?

Today is likely the busiest day of the Oregon Brewers Festival, and I just read on Twitter that they are expecting to run out of mugs today(!)—and they’ll hand out plastic cups at no charge. And if you bring an old mug on Sunday, they’ll fill that up for you (but on Sunday only). Apparently on Thursday, just following the parade to open the Brewfest, Mayor Sam Adams had the honor of tapping the ceremonial … Continue reading →

Oregon BrewFest 2009: My picks (what I would drink)

The Brewfest started today! The parade kicking off the Fest started at 11:30, and beers are pouring. Looking over the impressive list of beers for this year’s Oregon Brewers Festival, I can’t help but make a list of what beers I’d go after. Generally speaking, I’d start with the lighter beers and work my way stronger/darker (attempting to preserve the palate, you know). Watermelon Wheat (21st Amendment): I’ve been underwhelmed by this beer in past … Continue reading →

Oregon BrewFest 2009: The Buzz Tent

There’s this new “Buzz Tent” at the Oregon Brewers Festival this year, which, in addition to the Fest’s regular beer line-up, will be offering limited, first-come, first-served tastes of unique beers. The kind of beer that would generate a “buzz” presumably. Here’s the lowdown, sent out by OBF marketer extraordinaire Chris Crabb (also what shows up on the OBF website): Each July, brewers from around the country send one single product to be poured at … Continue reading →

Oregon BrewFest 2009: the beers

The updated Oregon Brewers Festival site has a terrific beers page that you can view to see each of the 81 beers being poured this year: and you can click each one to expand for more detail. It’s a neat interface, but too much clicking for my patience threshold. Good thing the marketing folks for the OBF sent out a detailed list that I can scroll through—which I’ve posted here, just after the jump.

Oregon Brew Fest week

I’m not doing a regular Theme Week this month but I’m compromising a bit because this week the Oregon Brewers Festival kicks off and I’ve got a ton of stuff to write about it. Sadly I won’t be attending again this year (scheduling conflicts only allow me to attend every few years, basically) but I can watch from afar. The Fest kicks off July 23rd—Thursday—and runs through Sunday the 26th, from noon until 9pm each … Continue reading →