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Central Oregon brewery news

Two interesting pieces of brewery news from around Central Oregon for you today: First: The as-yet-to-open Noble Brewing is changing their name to “Good Life Brewing.” Word has it that they were sued—or perhaps only threatened with a lawsuit, I’m not sure—by a California brewery that already claims “Noble” for their name (my guess is Noble Ale Works out of Anaheim). It wouldn’t surprise me if this has been a cause of the delays in … Continue reading →

Hop Press: Noble Brewing, Bend, Oregon

Over on my Hop Press blog this weekend, I wrote about the up-and-coming Noble Brewing here in Bend. Slated to open (probably) in early January 2011, Noble will up Bend’s brewery count to seven (nine for the area total). Incidentally, that’s about 1 brewery for every 11,500 people, more per capita than Portland with about 1 in 16,600. Noble Brewing, address 1355 SW Commerce, Bend, OR 97702 Opening the beginning of January 2011 Planning at … Continue reading →