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Michelob Ginger Wheat

Michelob‘s latest seasonal, which they sent me last month and is only available in their Spring Sampler Pack, is their Ginger Wheat: a Belgian Wit style of beer spiced with ginger. (Or rather, “natural ginger flavor” according to the label.) Yes, they already have a Belgian Wit style of beer in their stable, and indeed, they note that, “It has all the citrus-y notes you’ve come to love in our Shock Top, but with a … Continue reading →

Michelob Rye P.A.

Michelob‘s new Rye P.A. is a “Rye India Pale Ale”, with 5.9% alcohol and some 50 IBUs and previously only available at beer festivals. Michelob sent me a sample of the beer, coinciding with its appearance in this year’s Fall/Winter Sampler Pack. I will admit right off that releasing a rye-based beer caught my attention. (It’s also brewed with two-row and caramel malts.) Rye beers are not something you see terribly often in large part … Continue reading →

Received: A pair of Michelobs

These two beers came in a package for me today: Michelob Bavarian Wheat and the one I’m more interested in trying, their new Rye P.A.—a Rye India Pale Ale. The original press release is here. It’s 5.9% alcohol by volume and has 50 IBUs—not exactly traditional IPA territory but it still sounds interesting. I like how Michelob is the arm of Anheuser-Busch doing more experimental beers, stuff you wouldn’t expect to see coming from A-B, … Continue reading →