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Big Beer Week: Stone/Maui/Schmidt Kona Coffee Macadamia Coconut Porter

You almost can’t think “Big Beer” anymore without Stone Brewing coming up somehow. Most of their beers would easily qualify for a Big Beer Week review, so how do you go bigger? Select one of their collaboration beers, of course! These are “big” not only in a strength and style sense, but also in ambition and creativity. Hence, the collaboration between Stone, Maui Brewing, and homebrewer Ken Schmidt to produce Kona Coffee Macadamia Coconut Porter, … Continue reading →

Canned Beer Week 2: Maui Coconut Porter

This isn’t a new review, but a revisit of the Maui Brewing Coconut Porter I had while in San Diego this year (at Stone Brewing, of all places)—and exploring a bit of Maui’s canned beer offerings as well. The beer is a “robust porter” brewed with six varieties of malt, and hand-toasted coconut, and is 5.7% alcohol by volume. The coconut character is fairly pronounced, but well-balanced with the dryish, roasty malts of the porter. … Continue reading →