The SessionThe Session #129: Missing Local Beer Styles

This 129th edition of The Session for this first Friday of November is hosted by the Brussels Beer City blog, and the topic brings it home, in a manner of speaking: Missing Local Beer Styles. In 2017 it might seem odd to think that there are beer styles missing from … Continue reading

Beer Industry2016 – The Year in Beer

I haven’t written up a year-end retrospective post in awhile but this past 12 months felt like the year for it. There have been some interesting things going on in beer for 2016, on both the national and the local level, that are worth revisiting. No big revelations here, other … Continue reading

The SessionThe Session #117: What will we see more of?

This month’s edition of The Session is hosted by Beer Means Business, where Csaba Babak asks us to consider the Beer Future, and What We Will See More Of: The final picture of Beer Future will be based on what you think we will see MORE of. Over the last 10 years, … Continue reading