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Good beer and growlers in Lincoln City

This past weekend we were camping at Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast for the annual family reunion, and while it wasn’t really a beer trip, we did stop in at Rusty Truck Brewing (filled a growler with Stupiphany), we had lunch one day up at the Pelican Pub & Brewery, I brought some cans of non-macro-brewed beers, and we discovered a new source for a great selection of good beer and a growler fill … Continue reading →

Rusty Truck Brewing

This past weekend my wife and I were over in Lincoln City for our weekend anniversary trip, and though the Oregon Coast isn’t as populous with breweries as certain other parts of the state are, they are still to be found. Accordingly, I got in touch ahead of time with Lincoln City’s second (and newest) brewery, Rusty Truck Brewing Company, and arranged a visit with their Brewmaster Paul Thomas. Rusty Truck has only been operating … Continue reading →