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Advent Beer Calendar 2012: Day 11: Baird Jubilation Ale

One of the goals of this Beer Advent Calendar is to offer up a variety of holiday beers from around the globe, and Japan is one of the countries that has been fairly under-represented in this regard, partially because Christmas in Japan is fairly different than here in the Western world, and also because Japan up until recently hasn’t had as strong a craft beer tradition. Happily, that is changing. So today’s pick comes from … Continue reading →

Book Review: Drinking Japan

A few months ago I received a review copy of a book that is not entirely about beer (but does include a good chapter on it): Drinking Japan (Amazon link). Since then I’ve been (slowly) making my way through it and overall I am very impressed with it. As the name implies, this is a guidebook (the subtitle is, “A Guide to Japan’s Best Drinks and Drinking Establishments”) and author Chris Bunting (a British journalist … Continue reading →