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Hop Henge (2010)

Tonight I opened up the bottle of Hop Henge that Deschutes sent me a week and a half ago; it’s been staring at me in the fridge as I’ve been contemplating it. To my mind, Hop Henge is one of the best Imperial (or Double, or maybe to best use Deschutes’ own term, Experimental) IPAs out there: it’s intensely hoppy but not at the expense of the rest of the beer, and it’s not in-your-face … Continue reading →

Snake Dog IPA

Snake Dog IPA was one of the first bottles I picked up at the Brew Shop here in Bend, after they’d expanded into a bottle shop as well as a homebrew supply store. It was a Flying Dog beer that I hadn’t seen before—I don’t know if it was new or just new to Bend. No matter, Flying Dog does good beers so I picked it up. It’s an American IPA, hopped up good and … Continue reading →

Red Chair IPA

Red Chair IPA is the latest in Deschutes Brewery‘s Bond Street Series, which along with Hop Trip and Hop Henge, rounds out a specialty offering of beers that “highlights a handful of our hop-forward beers that began at ‘the pub.’ ” Red Chair came to me the other day along with a bottle of Mirror Mirror. I believe it was brewed (originally) to serve on tap up at our local ski resort, Mt. Bachelor, to … Continue reading →