Hop Press: The Bend Ale Trail

My article on Hop Press is up today, and the topic is the Bend Ale Trail: Starting on June 1st, you can use the Bend Ale Trail Map and Passport available in the latest Discovery Map of Central Oregon to discover Bend’s 7 breweries – and for extra credit, head … Continue reading

Hop Press: Beer in Pacific City

My Hop Press article today is titled, “Good beer in unlikely places: Pacific City, Oregon” and reviews a bit of our Memorial Day trip to the Oregon Coast last weekend: specifically, a visit to the Pelican Pub & Brewery. Long-time readers will remember that I’ve reviewed the Pelican before—way back … Continue reading

Hop Press today: Stumbling towards all-grain brewing

My Hop Press article today documents my first steps towards actual all-grain brewing: Palmer’s How to Brew outlined “batch sparging”—also the “no sparge” method—which made it clear to me that all I really need is the mash tun, no complications needed. Batch sparging is simple: you mash the grains with … Continue reading

Hop Press: Indigenous American beer styles

My article today on Hop Press: Indigenous American beer styles: an overview of the beer styles that have developed, or are still emerging, that are uniquely American in origin. I’ve spent some time writing about these beers at length here—particularly Cream Ales, fresh hop beers, and pumpkin beers—so it should … Continue reading

Hop Press: Canvolution

My Hop Press article for today—“Canvolution“—takes a look at the canned beer segment of craft brewing (something which I have passing familiarity with) to serve as both an introduction and an advocacy piece. Oskar Blues, 21st Amendment, and Canfest all get nods.

Need last-minute Super Bowl beer?

Follow my suggestions in my Hop Press article yesterday. There’s still time to run out to your nearest bottle shop (or boutique grocery, or wherever sells craft beer in your area) and stock up.

Hop Press: To Age or Not To Age

In case you missed it yesterday, my Hop Press articles is a meditation on the aging of beer. When does the aging end and the drinking begin? Do you follow the Pliny school of thought, or the Reserve Series? Lately I’ve been drifting a bit from the Reserve Series column … Continue reading

Monday morning updates

I’ve decided to change up Theme Week a bit starting this month; instead of starting on the third Monday (third full week) of each month, instead it will be the last full week of each month. It’s a minor change, but gives me a bit more time to track down … Continue reading

Hop Press: Talking with Greg Koch of Stone Brewing

My article today over on Hop Press is the write-up of my visit with Greg Koch of Stone Brewing last week. He’s a really cool guy, and had no problems about meeting with me—which is awfully generous for the busy CEO of a big company. I’ll be posting some “liner … Continue reading

Checking in on Hop Press

With all the business of this Advent Beer Calendar I’m running this month, I forgot to link to my two latest Hop Press articles: a multi-part guide to the Bend beer scene. Part 1 is here, wherein I cover Deschutes Brewery and Bend Brewing Company. Part 2 is here, covering … Continue reading