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Hop Press: Crafting a fresh hop ale

Over on my Hop Press blog today I’ve posted about my latest homebrewing undertaking: brewing up my first-ever fresh hop beer. Part of the challenge, of course, is figuring out exactly how much of the hops to use when they’re still wet (as opposed to the known quantities for dried hops in recipe formulation). So I’ve got some numbers and back-of-the-envelope calculations posted to help figure this out. Incidentally, I brewed the beer on Monday … Continue reading →

Hop Press: Brewing peanut butter and jelly beer

Over on my Hop Press blog today, I’m talking about the process of brewing a “Peanut Butter and Jelly Beer”: based on one recently brewed by 10 Barrel that was supposed to taste just like the sandwich (and which I just missed, unfortunately). …thinking of ingredients that taste similar to PB&J sandwich. At its base, these would be bread, peanuts, and fruit—the type of fruit you would typically find in a jelly: I’m thinking either … Continue reading →

Hop Press: Brewing local

Over on Hop Press this weekend I posted “Sourcing—and growing—local” contemplating breweries that are brewing beers with entirely-local ingredients. The two breweries that are growing their own ingredients right now, of course, are Sierra Nevada and Rogue: both offer “estate” beers that are brewed with malt and hops that are either grown on their own property or on land they lease. While very few breweries can afford to grow their own ingredients—Rogue and Sierra Nevada … Continue reading →

Hop Press: Mirror Pond test beers and Zwickelmania

Over on the Hop Press this weekend I wrote about a couple of (overdue) items: test beers of Mirror Pond Pale Ale from Deschutes Brewery, and the local Zwickelmania wrap-up. Not too long ago Deschutes started a new online marketing project for members of their Bitter Truth newsletter (the email edition): the “Deschutes Brewery Advisory Board.” At first I thought this was a (rather brilliant) segmented email list where users who would join (like I … Continue reading →

Hop Press: Brewing with Pumpkin

Continuing with my “pumpkin month” theme, this weekend’s Hop Press post was titled “Brewing with Pumpkin” and serves as an overview/primer on that very topic: I suppose it should go without saying, that for a beer to be considered a “pumpkin beer” it should have real pumpkin added at some point in the process—this is not as obvious as it sounds, for I’ve talked to homebrewers who have brewed “pumpkin” beers without pumpkin at all, … Continue reading →