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Good beer and growlers in Lincoln City

This past weekend we were camping at Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast for the annual family reunion, and while it wasn’t really a beer trip, we did stop in at Rusty Truck Brewing (filled a growler with Stupiphany), we had lunch one day up at the Pelican Pub & Brewery, I brought some cans of non-macro-brewed beers, and we discovered a new source for a great selection of good beer and a growler fill … Continue reading →

Bend’s growing growler boom

Updated: added a growler station in Redmond, per Tammy’s comment below. It’s no secret that Bend, Oregon has an amazingly vibrant beer culture and is in the midst of amazing growth in the brewing industry, boasting one of the highest per-capita numbers of breweries in the country (12 in Bend alone, 19 for all of Central Oregon) as well as being home to the fifth-largest craft brewery in the U.S.—not to mention the quality and … Continue reading →

The Session #60: Growlers Galore

Today is The Session‘s Diamond Anniversary! (Although technically it would be its “mensiversary” for the Latin and date geeks among you.) The Session is a monthly collaborative beer blogging event where a different host for each month suggests a topic, and on the first Friday of that month everyone who wants to participate writes about that topic. (As simple as that!) Our host then collects links to all the other Session posts for easy reading. … Continue reading →