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Deschutes Brewery and the Class of ’88

Earlier this year I was chatting with Deschutes Brewery‘s Gary Fish about various beery things, and he had mentioned the “Class of ’88” concept—those breweries along with Deschutes that started in 1988—and how they should all get together to commemorate 25 years of brewing in 2013. At the time, I figured it meant throwing a big “birthday” type party at the GABF or similar, but the news came out yesterday just what it is they … Continue reading →

Advent Beer Calendar 2010: Day 9: Great Lakes Christmas Ale

Today’s pick is a classic Winter Warmer from Ohio’s Great Lakes Brewing: Great Lakes Christmas Ale. Even though it had a bit of a late start this year (read their open letter to find out why), this popular Midwest seasonal is back in strength for the holiday season. As befitting a Christmas beer, this one is brewed with something extra: along with a roasty, malty Winter Warmer grain bill and Hallertau and Cascade hops, honey, … Continue reading →