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GoodLife will be canning soon, too

Just the other day I reported on the expansion of Bend’s GoodLife Brewing, and in today’s Bend Bulletin (behind the paywall unfortunately) comes the word that they’ll be canning too: GoodLife Brewing Co. has expanded its production capacity as part of a plan to increase sales of bottled beer in Oregon and begin canning beer by March. “We’ll be the first ones in Bend to do that,” GoodLife co-owner Ty Barnett said of canning beer. … Continue reading →

GoodLife is growing

For all the attention that the up-and-coming Worthy Brewing has been getting here in Bend (a fair amount from me, admittedly!), it’s great to see expansion happening elsewhere—in particular, GoodLife Brewing issued a press release yesterday talking about their own expansion. And it’s a pretty significant expansion at that; here’s the press release: Eighteen months after first mixing water, malt, and hops, GoodLife Brewing Company is increasing capacity by over 60% with the addition of … Continue reading →

GoodLife Brewing Company Set to Bottle Descender IPA (Press Release)

I haven’t run too many straight press releases these days, but this files well under Bend beer news: GoodLife Brewing will be releasing their Descender IPA in bottles, joining their Mountain Rescue Pale Ale on the shelves. GoodLife Brewing Company is excited to announce Descender IPA will be put in 22oz, screen-printed bottles on Wednesday, June 27th. With Mountain Rescue Dry Hop Pale Ale already in 22oz bottles, GoodLife will have bottles of Descender IPA available before … Continue reading →

GoodLife and Worthy Brewing collaboration

On Friday the 25th, one of Bend’s newest breweries, GoodLife Brewing, teamed up with yet-to-open Worthy Brewing to brew up a collaboration beer they’re calling “The Good and Worthy.” I was able to stop by on my lunch break to chat a bit with the brewers (GoodLife’s Curt Plants and new assistant brewer Jeff Schauland, and Worthy’s Chad Kennedy) and grab a few pictures. The local TV news was there in the morning and has … Continue reading →

GoodLife, Bend Brewing collaboration

I’m a big fan of collaboration brews, and here in Bend Tonya Cornett of Bend Brewing is the go-to brewer for collaboration: in addition to numerous collaboration with Sean Paxton (the Homebrew Chef), she has also brewed with Tomme Arthur of The Lost Abbey and JD Wetherspoon’s in England. And now, she’s teamed up with GoodLife Brewing‘s Curt Plants for a Scotch Ale that GoodLife is releasing tomorrow: Come join us on Wednesday, November 30th … Continue reading →