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Gluten-Free Week: Bard’s Gold

I’ve actually reviewed Bard’s Gold before, back when it was called Dragon’s Gold. At the time, I was suitably unimpressed that I wrote, “I think Bard’s Tale needs to work on this beer a bit more.” Fortunately, it’s come a long way since then. More on that in a bit. Some notes on their marketing first. Why the change from “Dragon’s Gold” to “Bard’s Gold”? I’d have to say to avoid confusion and to lock … Continue reading →

Gluten-Free Week: Green’s Quest

Green’s Quest is the other gluten-free beer from them available to me here in Central Oregon; as I mention in my review of Endeavour, this (and all of their beers) are brewed to a secret recipe though there are a few clues as to their makeup. I forgot to mention in that previous review that on the bottle they proclaim millet, rice, buckwheat, and sorghum as the ingredients. Given that Quest is brewed to the … Continue reading →

Gluten-Free Week: Ingredients

The grains that contain gluten that Celiacs must avoid are: Wheat Barley Rye Triticale Oats are also on the possibly-exclude list; studies on them as a gluten source are incomplete, but better safe than sorry. Beer, of course, is primarily made with barley (and often wheat), so brewers of gluten-free beer need to resort to other gluten-free grains as their main source of fermentables. The primary ones are: Sorghum Buckwheat Maize (corn) Rice Millet Most … Continue reading →

Gluten-Free Week: Green’s Endeavour

Green’s Gluten Free Beers is (according to BeerAdvocate) a Beer Marketing Company based in England that offers only gluten-free beers in its available line-up. The beers themselves are brewed in Belgium (it says as much on the label) to a “closely guarded secret recipe.” They offer three distinct beers for their North American market, imported by Merchant du Vin: Discovery, Endeavour, and Quest—an Amber, a Dubbel, and a Tripel, respectively. Tonight I tried the Endeavour … Continue reading →

Gluten-Free Week: How to review?

How does one review a gluten-free beer? This might seem like an odd question; anyone who’s poked around my site for a little while knows that in my reviews, I favor the tasting-notes approach, and try to go for an overall impression of the beer. The heart of any beer review comes down, essentially, to one thing: did I like it? But with gluten-free beers, I think there’s another question to answer: would someone who … Continue reading →