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Fruit Beer Week: Wells Banana Bread Beer

I can’t say as I’ve had many banana beers (the only other one that comes immediately to mind is a homebrewed banana wheat years ago), so Wells Banana Bread Beer stands out in that regard. As it happens, I’d been hearing for a while how this beer actually smells exactly like banana bread, but I’ve never been able to find it in Central Oregon; however, I did find a bottle on our spring break Lake … Continue reading →

Fruit Beer Week

I’m a bit behind on Theme Week this month (August has been busy!) but I’ve been wanting to do a Fruit Beer Week for a while now (it makes for a good summertime topic), so I’ve decided to mix it up a bit this week: I have some new reviews to offer, and I’ll be re-running some older reviews of fruit beers—perhaps even ones you might not have seen. Fruit beers are an interesting topic … Continue reading →