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Fruit Beer Week: Lost Coast Raspberry Brown

The other fruit beer that Lost Coast Brewery makes (along with their Tangerine Wheat) is Raspberry Brown. This beer is a version of their flagship Downtown Brown infused with real raspberries; however, where Downtown Brown is 5% ABV, Raspberry Brown is 6.5%. I’m not sure the raspberries alone would account for an extra 1.5% of alcohol, but I suppose it’s possible. Appearance: Brown with red highlights, a nice color; tan head that’s thick and generous. … Continue reading →

Fruit Beer Week: Chapeau Banana Lambic (Re-review)

The other day, in reviewing Wells Banana Bread Beer, I wrote: “I can’t say as I’ve had many banana beers (the only other one that comes immediately to mind is a homebrewed banana wheat years ago)”—and then I found my original review of Chapeau Banana Lambic from 2008. It’s brewed by Belgian’s Brouwerij De Troch to 3.5% alcohol by volume. Appearance: Pale yellow-orange—golden, almost—bubbly. White head was fizzy but didn’t last long. Smell: Delicate notes … Continue reading →

Fruit Beer Week: Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat

Lost Coast Brewery down in Eureka, California, brews a couple of fruit beers, and Tangerine Wheat is (I think) the newer of the two. This a light, summery American wheat ale brewed “with natural flavor added.” I’m not exactly sure what “natural flavor” refers to, but if I didn’t know better I would guess that they added plenty of actual (possibly whole) fruit to this beer. Tangerine Wheat makes for a nice light summer beer … Continue reading →

Fruit Beer Week: Great Divide Wild Raspberry Ale (Re-review)

Great Divide Brewing, out of Denver, offers a Wild Raspberry Ale made with wild raspberries: [A] unique, thirst-quenching ale fermented with real red and black raspberries. Its balance of malt and fruit flavors make it a beer lover’s fruit beer. It’s offered year-round, which makes me curious how they handle seasonal variations in the berries. Or perhaps I’m over-thinking it—I have the image of hand-picking mountain berries in my head, but a brewery as big … Continue reading →

Fruit Beer Week: Melbourn Brothers Strawberry (Re-review)

Melbourn Brothers beers hail from England and they offer three varieties of fruit beers, all spontaneously fermented—which technically qualifies them as Lambics. (Though I believe the fruit is added post-fermentation in the form of concentrate or syrup.) Back in 2006 I reviewed their Strawberry beer, and this is what I had to say about it: Appearance: Poured into a Pilsner glass, it resembles a slightly dark rose champagne, pink and orange. Faint pink head, very … Continue reading →