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Chasin’ Freshies

Deschutes Brewery’s Chasin’ Freshies is a remarkable beer. And not because the Brewery sent me a bottle of it; there are, rather, several other reasons why. First, like last year’s Fresh Hop Mirror Pond (another remarkable beer), the fresh hops in Chasin’ Freshies come from the heirloom Cascade hop strain (taken from the original 1972 cuttins!) that Deschutes invested years of time and money into growing at Goschie Farms. There’s a beer geek factor at … Continue reading →

Received: Fresh hop beers from Deschutes

Several beers from Deschutes Brewery arrived today: Super-fresh bottles of fresh hop beers! Ironically I just bought a bottle of Chasin’ Freshies on Friday but I’m more than happy to drink two. (Or more!)

Sisters Fresh Hop Festival (2012)

This weekend was a big day for fresh hops here in Oregon: both the Hood River Hops Fest and the Sisters Fresh Hop Festival took place on Saturday, the first year they both occurred on the same day I believe. Both are in the same vein but the Hood River festival is bigger (with more breweries and 51 fresh hop beers on tap) while the Sisters festival is more smaller and more intimate and provides … Continue reading →

Fresh Hop Fests Galore

Ah, fall. It’s harvest beer season and around the Pacific Northwest that largely means fresh hop beers, a brewing trend that has grown to prominence here due to the close proximity of the hop farms (most breweries are within a few hours’ drive). Not only do beers brewed with fresh hops (freshly picked off the vine, and not yet dried—or “wet”) make their appearance this time of year, but a number of events and festivals … Continue reading →

Chasin’ Freshies Fresh Hop IPA

Of the 12(!) fresh hop beers that Deschutes Brewery will be brewing this year, only two are making it to bottles: Hop Trip, which has of course been their go-to fresh hop ale since (at least) 2005, and a new one: Chasin’ Freshies Fresh Hop IPA. This is replacing last year’s Fresh Hop Mirror Pond though it’s using the same original Cascades hop strain that the Mirror Pond used. From the tip sheet: Born in … Continue reading →