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French Beer Week: Les Sans Culottes

Brasserie La Choulette’s Les Sans Culottes (or more properly named Bière des Sans Culottes) may well be the iconic beer of France: a golden Bière de Garde that checks in at 7% alcohol by volume, served up in a 750ml champagne-style bottle, corked and caged, with a label (on the export version) depicting iconic, classical artwork of the French Revolution. (Artwork that in 2000 Missouri found offensive and suspended the marketing/distribution of the beer in … Continue reading →

French Beer Week: Historic mishmash

There’s not much more to this post than an excuse to quote Randy Mosher from Radical Brewing, on the subject of French historical beers. France is generally sniffed at by the real brewing countries, and indeed its glory has always rested on wine, not beer. I guess the scorn is not undeserved, as a reference around 1800 describes beers showcasing grass, coconut, parsnips, beets, potatoes, carrots, and every form of sugar then known. If all … Continue reading →

French Beer Week: Bières23

Even though I’m doing an entire week on French Beer, there were only three actual beers from France that I was able to find locally this week: Fischer Amber, Les Sans Culottes (review tomorrow), and Bières23 Bière de Mars. (I found the Gavroche in Eugene and while I have found Jenlain Ambrée in the past, I haven’t seen it lately.) It’s the Bières23 I’m writing about tonight, because while I found the bottle of their … Continue reading →

French Beer Week: Fischer Tradition Amber

Good news and bad news: Fischer Amber is one of the more common beers to come out of France and likely one you’ll find easily (if you find any French beers). However, it’s brewed by Brasserie Fischer which is also an enterprise of Heineken France, essentially one of the big macrobrewers of the country (they also produce Amstel Light). Of course, “bad news” is relative; if you have a strong bias against macrobrewers, then this … Continue reading →

French Beer Week: The Overview of Beer in France

When one thinks of the beers of France, it’s usually the Bières de Garde of the Northeast that come to mind—but in reality, there’s a whole thriving ecosystem of beer not just limited to one style or one region of the country. France may be best known for wine, but beer has a surprisingly large presence when you start looking for it. This Seattle Beer Examiner article is a good primer, though the numbers it … Continue reading →