Raging Bitch

There are a few titles you never really expect to see on certain types of blogs, and I’d classify “Raging Bitch” as one of those. This is the beer sent to me by Flying Dog Brewing, their 20th Anniversary Belgian-style IPA that weighs in at 8.3% alcohol by volume. They … Continue reading

Received: Raging Bitch

This came today from Flying Dog Brewery: A bottle of their 20th anniversary Belgian-style IPA, Raging Bitch. (It’s going to be interesting to see what potential search results hits I get with that name. I think it was the last beer Neal Stewart named during his tenure as marketing manager … Continue reading

Snake Dog IPA

Snake Dog IPA was one of the first bottles I picked up at the Brew Shop here in Bend, after they’d expanded into a bottle shop as well as a homebrew supply store. It was a Flying Dog beer that I hadn’t seen before—I don’t know if it was new … Continue reading

ReviewsThe Session #11: Illuminator (Doppelbocks)

First Friday, which means in the beer blogging world that it’s time for The Session! This month’s Session and topic comes to us courtesy of brewvana: Doppelbocks. The only rule is, there are no rules: I don’t feel like coming up with a bunch of rules and restrictions. I want … Continue reading