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Economy: Beer is “recession resistant”

There was an interesting local article about beer and the economy this week: High Desert’s big beer biz: Bottoms up or bust? It includes some interesting and candid quotes from some of the beer folks here in Bend, including Deschutes Brewery’s Gary Fish and 10 Barrel’s Garrett Wales. “At Deschutes Brewery, our numbers are okay,”President and founder Gary Fish said Wednesday. “They’re not great. It’s been a different year for us, like it has been … Continue reading →

Prediction Watch: Other stuff I forgot to mention

There has been (naturally) a number of items throughout the year that pertain to my 2009 predictions that I didn’t mention last time. Jack Curtin posted back in April about a report from Beer Business Daily, indicating that the craft beer numbers (sales volume) were up the first quarter of 2009, despite increasing prices. In July, the Examiner reported that New Hampshire’s largest homebrew club was growing, despite the economy. “Beer is Recession Proof”: also … Continue reading →

Prediction Watch: Late summer edition

It’s been awhile since I checked in to see how my 2009 predictions for beer are holding up. Two highly noticeable stories have received attention that fit my predictions nicely. First, according to the mid-year report issued by the Brewers Associations, “America’s small and independent craft brewers are still growing (see Craft Brewing Statistics) despite many challenges and are continuing to provide jobs to the U.S. economy.” In essence, income is up, and volume of … Continue reading →

The Beer Hacker: Brewing on the cheap: Costs by style

This is the second part in a series of articles about the economic impact of brewing your own beer at home. In the last (introductory) article, I set out baseline prices for ingredients and established a base price for an American Pale Ale. In this article let’s expand on that and figure out some base prices for a variety of other styles. Bear in mind there are always ways to shave costs off the estimates … Continue reading →

The Beer Hacker: Brewing on the cheap

This is the first part in a series of articles about the economic impact of brewing your own beer at home. This first article is an introduction and sets up our assumptions and base numbers to work with; later articles are going to look at the relative costs of brewing different styles of beer, extract versus all-grain, and exploring if it’s possible to brew quality beer for $20 or less. It’s no secret that beer … Continue reading →