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Deschutes Brewery Gose tasting

I’ve been fascinated with the Gose style of beer for awhile (like many beer geeks these days, of course) and seek it out whenever I can, so I was thrilled when Deschutes Brewery‘s Veronica Vega told me awhile back that she was attempting a Gose. This would be the first such style of beer that Deschutes has brewed (that I’m aware of), as well as possibly the first (commercial?) Gose from a Central Oregon brewery … Continue reading →

Catching up on Deschutes items

I am shamefully behind on blogging in large part because I am helping plan this, which I will have a post about soon; in the meantime here it is May already and I’ve got a couple of outstanding notes about Deschutes Brewery from April. The first is the usual PR/received goods disclosure that I run whenever I receive beers or other marketing things from breweries: Yes indeed, the 2013 edition of Twilight Summer Ale, a … Continue reading →

Class of ’88: Deschutes Brewery

The Class of ’88: Profiles of breweries founded in 1988 that are still around today to celebrate 25 years in the beer business. Of course Deschutes Brewery is the first brewery in this series of profiles: not only are they the fifth-largest craft brewery in the U.S., but they initiated their own Class of 88 project which inspired this series, and they’re located right here in my hometown of Bend, Oregon. Deschutes Brewery¬†(Bend, Oregon) Deschutes … Continue reading →

Deschutes River Ale

The other day Deschutes Brewery held their official release celebrations for their newest year-round addition to their core beer lineup, Deschutes River Ale. I wasn’t able to attend, so to commemorate the occasion I finished up the bottles that Deschutes sent to me previously and have this write-up by way of proxy. Yes, I said “finished up the bottles” plural: unlike many high-gravity, high-octane beer releases that make the news of late, Deschutes River Ale … Continue reading →

Received: Deschutes River Ale

These arrived today from Deschutes Brewery: The newest addition to their year-round line of beers, Deschutes River Ale, a true session beer at 4% abv that’s set to be officially released on March 4th. I’m not entirely sure I’m sold on the label; the light, neon-esque blue is a little off-putting, somehow, and that’s not even taking into consideration the orange on the edges (not pictured). Otherwise, my main thought is, this should be in … Continue reading →