Bend beer bits

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a local beer scene roundup here, and I’ve certainly extolled the beer cred of Bend, Oregon, many times before. So let’s take a look. Deschutes Brewery: Coming up on June 20th, they’ve got their annual legendary barrel-aged beer tasting, which for $40 will get … Continue reading

Twilight Ale (2009)

I couldn’t stare at the Twilight Ale in the fridge too long before I had to open one—but that gives me a good excuse to write about it. This was one of the three bottles of Twilight that I received from Deschutes Brewery this week and it’s definitely a seasonal … Continue reading

Received: Twilight Ale

Yesterday I received a package from Deschutes Brewery containing three bottles of this year’s Twilight Ale. It’s their summer seasonal and quite a popular one. From the press release: Twilight Ale is a straw-colored ale with a vigorous hop essence and a subtle, wafer-like body that complements the flavor of … Continue reading

Red Chair IPA

Red Chair IPA is the latest in Deschutes Brewery‘s Bond Street Series, which along with Hop Trip and Hop Henge, rounds out a specialty offering of beers that “highlights a handful of our hop-forward beers that began at ‘the pub.’ ” Red Chair came to me the other day along … Continue reading

Mirror Mirror ’09

Friday after work we headed down to Deschutes Brewery because I was intensely curious about the new Mirror Mirror. Yes, I have a bottle from the Brewery but I’ve decided to cellar it for (at least) a year before drinking it (as they recommend). So the next best thing is … Continue reading

Received: Red Chair IPA, Mirror Mirror

A package came today from Deschutes Brewery, containing their two newest beers in their Bond Street and Reserve Series, respectively: Their Red Chair IPA, and Mirror Mirror Barleywine. Both of these are beers I’m excited about; the Red Chair because I’ve sampled it already and it’s quite good (brewed to … Continue reading

Spring Beer Week: Cinder Cone Red

Deschutes Brewery produces two beers that can vie for the title of “spring seasonal”: Buzzsaw Brown and Cinder Cone Red. Buzzsaw Brown, however, shows up from January to March so to my mind it isn’t the spring beer (though it’s not really a “late winter beer” either). No, Cinder Cone … Continue reading

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Hop Henge 2009 – Batch #1 vs. Batch #2

An interesting thing about Deschutes Brewery‘s annual Hop Henge Imperial IPA this year–actually, that should be “Experimental IPA”, and it lives up to that name both in the sense that it “uses several new hop processes and techniques to create a truly unique and unexpected beer” and in light of … Continue reading

Review: Deschutes Brewery’s Fresh Hop Tasting

Yes, I’m way behind on posting this review, considering the Brewery‘s Tasting was back on October 18th! Too much stuff going on… anyway, the Fresh Hop Tasting was a beer event and showcase for seven (!) fresh hop beers that were all brewed by Deschutes. That’s pretty impressive for one … Continue reading

Fresh Hops Week: Hop Trip

Ah, Hop Trip, Deschutes Brewery‘s flagship fresh hop ale. My third year reviewing it, and (I think) the third year it’s been brewed—this makes it especially interesting because I can track how it has evolved over time. The first year (2005) it was strongly hopped and green and potent—not unlike … Continue reading