Deschutes testers

These two rather non-descript bottles are from Deschutes Brewery and arrived today: Fortunately an explanation letter was included in the package: We invite you to fill the difficult role of “Deschutes Brewery Beer Tester.” We know it’s a lot to ask, but we’d love to get your feedback on a … Continue reading

Deschutes and Hair of the Dog collaboration

There’s a press release that came through last week that has me excited: Deschutes Brewery and Hair of the Dog are collaborating (for the first time ever for both of them) on a beer that will be released in 2011: [Hair of the Dog’s Alan] Sprints came over to Bend … Continue reading

CDA Week: Deschutes Hop in the Dark

Deschutes Brewery is soon to be releasing their own Cascadian Dark Ale soon (in May): Hop in the Dark. I previously posted about it back in March. “We’ve brewed 22 batches of this beer at both our Bend and Portland pubs, experimenting on our customers as we perfected the recipe,” … Continue reading

Deschutes Twilight Ale (2010)

Despite my reservations about how early Twilight Ale showed up this year, I had to drink it anyway. It’s too good a beer not to drink; I daresay Twilight Ale is Deschutes Brewery’s most consistently-brewed seasonal beer, and I’m frankly amazed at how consistent my experience has been with it … Continue reading

Received: A trio of Twilights

The other day the press release for Deschutes’ Twilight Ale hit my email and the first thing I thought was, why is a summer ale being promoted and released over two months before the actual beginning of summer? Seems like a misfire, but a closer read reveals: Yes, Twilight Ale … Continue reading

Deschutes Hop in the Dark Cascadian Dark Ale

No, this isn’t a review (yet), but a note that Deschutes Brewery is set to release their first bottled Cascadian Dark Ale (also variously known as a “Black IPA”) coming up this May: Hop in the Dark. (And note they are labeling it a “CDA” rather than a Black IPA.) … Continue reading

Big Beer Week: Deschutes Jubel 2010

Though every year Deschutes Brewery brews a draft-only version of their Super Jubel—a double-strength Jubelale—only twice have they bottled this beer: once in 2000, and now again in 2010. (Respectively known as Jubel 2000 and Jubel 2010.) This time around this Jubel 2010 “Once a Decade Ale” is bottled in … Continue reading

Received: Jubel 2010

This came today: Deschutes Brewery‘s newest Reserve Series beer, Jubel 2010 (“Once a Decade Ale”) and a goblet—which is identical to the goblets they were handing out during their Release Party Friday night (I picked up one of those as well, so now I have two). Incidentally, I can say … Continue reading

Deschutes Jubel 2010 release party

This Friday, February 5th, marks the Jubel 2010 Release Party at Deschutes Brewery—2pm at the Portland Pub, and 6pm at the Bend Pub. The Bend event blurb reads: Jubel 2010 beer on tap with special menu items. Bottles for sale (6 bottle limit). First 100 guests will receive a Jubel … Continue reading

Hop Henge (2010)

Tonight I opened up the bottle of Hop Henge that Deschutes sent me a week and a half ago; it’s been staring at me in the fridge as I’ve been contemplating it. To my mind, Hop Henge is one of the best Imperial (or Double, or maybe to best use … Continue reading