Pumpkin Beer Week: Deschutes Pompion

I’ve been eagerly awaiting for Deschutes Brewery to put their first ever pumpkin ale on tap, and today was the day! I was able to get down there just after work to enjoy an inaugural pint, and take a few notes for a review. They’re serving Pompion (the old word … Continue reading

Hop Trip (2010)

Ah, the first Hop Trip of the season; I enjoyed Deschutes Brewery‘s annual fresh hop beer this evening—one that’s been brewed every year since 2005—and every year it’s the seasonal variations that keep this (style of) beer interesting and help highlight just what an agricultural product beer actually is. Last … Continue reading

Received: Hop Trip

Hop Trip, Deschutes Brewery’s fresh hop pale ale, is out, and I received a bottle today: These fresh hop beers are best enjoyed fresh, so I’ll be writing about this one pretty soon.

Jubelale (2010)

This week is the official Deschutes Brewery release of their annual Winter Warmer, Jubelale (the release party at the Portland Pub was yesterday, and the Bend Pub is hold their release party today at 5:30), so to coincide with that I opened up one of the bottles they had sent … Continue reading

Hop Press: Deschutes Brewery VIP Tour and Media Event

Last week I was invited to a special VIP tour and media event over at Deschutes Brewery, and I wrote about it for my weekend Hop Press article. It was pretty cool, and there are a number of interesting tidbits I learned. Green Lakes Organic Ale: The Brewery loves this … Continue reading

The Little Woody: The beers

The beer list for The Little Woody, Bend’s barrel-aged beer festival (more here), came out today, and it’s looking really good. There are actually two versions of the beer list: one on the official site, and another one released over on Bend Oregon Restaurants (it’s from the marketing copy that … Continue reading

Received: Jubelale

Last year I received three bottles of Jubelale on August 31st and noted that it seemed awfully early for the Deschutes Christmas beer to be out. This year I’ve received the Jubelale even earlier: I’ll wait to open a bottle. This year’s label features something new: This year, Oregon artist … Continue reading

Deschutes’ Black Butte XXII is canceled this year

I wish that were a headline I was making up for an April Fool’s Day joke, but it’s not: it’s official. Here’s the word from Gary Fish on the Deschutes Brewery blog: The much anticipated release of Deschutes Brewery’s Black Butte XXII is being canceled this year. The Imperial version … Continue reading

Hop in the Dark Cascadian Dark Ale

I popped open the bottle of Hop in the Dark this evening, the one that Deschutes Brewery sent me. I’ll pretty much get straight to the review; I’ve already ruminated about the beer at length over a month ago, during CDA Week. It’s 6.5% alcohol by volume. Although one interesting … Continue reading

Deschutes testers

These two rather non-descript bottles are from Deschutes Brewery and arrived today: Fortunately an explanation letter was included in the package: We invite you to fill the difficult role of “Deschutes Brewery Beer Tester.” We know it’s a lot to ask, but we’d love to get your feedback on a … Continue reading