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GoodLife, Bend Brewing collaboration

I’m a big fan of collaboration brews, and here in Bend Tonya Cornett of Bend Brewing is the go-to brewer for collaboration: in addition to numerous collaboration with Sean Paxton (the Homebrew Chef), she has also brewed with Tomme Arthur of The Lost Abbey and JD Wetherspoon’s in England. And now, she’s teamed up with GoodLife Brewing‘s Curt Plants for a Scotch Ale that GoodLife is releasing tomorrow: Come join us on Wednesday, November 30th … Continue reading →

The Session #39: Collaborations

The first Friday of the month means that among beer bloggers it’s time for The Session—a collaborative blogging effort where each month’s “host” suggests a topic and everyone writes about that. The host then compiles a summary and links to everyone’s respective writings. Appropriately enough, this month’s collaborative blogging efforts is on the topic of Collaborations, and is being hosted by my fellow Hop Press writer and editor Mario Rubio: The Hop Press is a … Continue reading →

Deschutes and Hair of the Dog collaboration

There’s a press release that came through last week that has me excited: Deschutes Brewery and Hair of the Dog are collaborating (for the first time ever for both of them) on a beer that will be released in 2011: [Hair of the Dog’s Alan] Sprints came over to Bend in early March to brew two of his beers at the Deschutes Brewery brewhouse. Then it was Deschutes Brewery brewmaster Larry Sidor’s turn to brew … Continue reading →