Hop in the Dark (2012)

I will admit it (and I may have said this before): Cascadian Dark Ale is not my favorite style. For me it’s too much of a weird clash of dark, roasty, possibly astringent malt character with the floral, herbal bitterness of the hops—and too often, they’re not brewed well enough … Continue reading

Received: Hop in the Dark (2012)

Following up on the Twilight Ale I received recently from Deschutes Brewery, this came yesterday: This year’s Hop in the Dark CDA. 6.5% abv, 70 IBUs, and if you’re interested they also have a homebrew version of the recipe online: just remember to get the same results they do, you … Continue reading

Barley Brown’s Turmoil CDA and Speed Wobble IRA

Last weekend my friend Kina facilitated the delivery of two growlers of beer from Barley Brown’s over in Baker City: their GABF-gold-medal-winning Turmoil CDA (Cascadian Dark Ale) and a new beer, Speed Wobble IRA (Imperial Red Ale). I’ve had Turmoil before (and reviewed it here) and drinking it fresh again … Continue reading

Bump in the Night

Bump in the Night is Full Sail Brewing‘s foray into the Cascadian Dark Ale style—also colloquially known as the “Black IPA” or “American Black Ale”—a new addition to their Brewmaster Reserve lineup for 2011. Their site describes it as: New for 2011, this beer is brewed in the Cascadian Dark … Continue reading

Hop in the Dark Cascadian Dark Ale

I popped open the bottle of Hop in the Dark this evening, the one that Deschutes Brewery sent me. I’ll pretty much get straight to the review; I’ve already ruminated about the beer at length over a month ago, during CDA Week. It’s 6.5% alcohol by volume. Although one interesting … Continue reading

CDA Week: Oakshire O’Dark:30

Oakshire Brewing over in Eugene (Oregon) is one of those breweries that has come out of nowhere over the past year or two and has been taking the Oregon beer scene by storm. They won the silver medal at this past year’s GABF in the coffee flavored beer category for … Continue reading

CDA Week: Deschutes Hop in the Dark

Deschutes Brewery is soon to be releasing their own Cascadian Dark Ale soon (in May): Hop in the Dark. I previously posted about it back in March. “We’ve brewed 22 batches of this beer at both our Bend and Portland pubs, experimenting on our customers as we perfected the recipe,” … Continue reading

CDA Week: HUB Secession Black IPA

Hopworks Urban Brewery in Portland released their own interpretation of the Cascadian Dark Ale this year: Secession Black IPA. Like all of HUB’s beers, it’s brewed with all organic ingredients. It’s 6.5% alcohol by volume and I have to say, I really like the silkscreened label design they have for … Continue reading

CDA Week: The style, the name

So some of you might be wondering, “Just what is this ‘Cascadian Dark Ale’ anyway?” Well, there’s a couple of ways to answer this. First, let’s get an overview of the style… although that gets into the name issue as well. In a soundbite, the style is a “Black IPA” … Continue reading

CDA Week: Three Creeks 8 Second IBA (mini review)

This past weekend, we traveled over to Sisters to have lunch at Three Creeks Brewing and thinking of CDA Week, one of the beers I ordered was the 8 Second IBA (India Black Ale). This was one of their first beers on tap when they opened (and was the first … Continue reading