The SessionThe Session #120: Brown Beer

Ten years in and we are still doing The Session! This month marks our 120th edition of “Beer Blogging Friday” which seems pretty momentous in the world of beer blogging—and I’ve been here for nearly all of them (had a few that I missed or was very late on). I … Continue reading

ReviewsTuesday Tastings: Casual weekend edition

So yes, it’s technically Wednesday so I’m a bit late for a Tuesday Tastings but consider it a late edition. Plus I’m featuring three beers friends and I drank the weekend before last, so nothing as formal as I normally do but good beers with pictures. Onward! Belmont Station / … Continue reading

ReviewsAlexander Keith’s Nova Scotia Style Brown

Like the Lager and the Pale Ale, the Nova Scotia Brown from Alexander Keith’s was sent to me as part of the virtual tasting earlier in the month. Also like the others, this one weighs in at 5.4% alcohol by volume, and is brewed in New York (by Anheuser-Busch) even … Continue reading

Theme WeekFruit Beer Week: Lost Coast Raspberry Brown

The other fruit beer that Lost Coast Brewery makes (along with their Tangerine Wheat) is Raspberry Brown. This beer is a version of their flagship Downtown Brown infused with real raspberries; however, where Downtown Brown is 5% ABV, Raspberry Brown is 6.5%. I’m not sure the raspberries alone would account … Continue reading

Theme WeekOregon Beer Week: Brown Eyes Ale

Silver Moon Brewing is one of Bend’s newer breweries (though still several years old), and they only began bottling their beers last spring. I never cease to be surprised when a new beer from them shows up—they always appear unannounced—and that held just as true a couple of weeks ago … Continue reading

ReviewsNewcastle Brown Ale

Somewhere along the way I missed a step in posting reviews—several steps, actually—and it turns out that even though I received a sixer of Newcastle Brown Ale two months ago, I’m just now posting the review. Really, though, I drank and took notes on it way back then, too. So. … Continue reading

Theme WeekColorful Beer Week: Full Sail Nut Brown Ale

Full Sail Brewing periodically releases their “Brewmaster Reserve” series of beers, and their Nut Brown Ale is one of the more recent (released in March originally). This is a pretty straightforward Brown Ale, nice and nutty, and comes in at 6% alcohol. (Remember, even special releases don’t have to be … Continue reading

ReviewsDeep Cover Brown Ale

Deep Cover Brown Ale. Left Hand Brewing. I hate to say it, but right off the bat Left Hand commits the cardinal website sin: an all-Flash site. Even worse, the front “page” of the site is an age verification check—and regular readers know how I just love those. I hate … Continue reading

ReviewsIndian Brown Ale

I don’t have access to many of Dogfish Head‘s beers here locally, so when I do find them I make sure to get a bottle to try. I’m liking their beers quite a bit. One of the latest is Indian Brown Ale. Ordinarily, brown ales are a session beer, not … Continue reading