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Oregon Beer News, 03/11/2015

Oregon Beer News for Wednesday, March 11, 2015. News in beer and brewing from all around Oregon, including events, tastings, festivals, and more. If you have news to share, let me know! Continue reading →

Weekend in review: Corvallis (again), Goses, and botanicals

This is a bit of a late writeup as the past weekend grows more distant, but it turns out we hit a lot of breweries and drank a lot of beer last weekend! On Saturday we visited Corvallis, my wife and I and our friends Paul and Sandi, and ended up stopping at six(!) places for the day before coming back home that evening. Sunday you’d think would be mellower but I ended up with … Continue reading →

Block 15 Corvallis Half Marathon Gose

One of the side effects of visiting Block 15 Brewery last month in Corvallis (as with many breweries we visit) is that I brought back a couple of growlers of their beer: the Corvallis ½ Marathon Gose and the Aboriginale. And I’m needing to start catching up on beer reviews (I have a lot backlogged!) so the growlers are  good place to start. Unfortunately you won’t find this on tap right now (though I wouldn’t be … Continue reading →

Block 15 Brewery

As I’d mentioned previously, my wife and I took a day trip over to Corvallis on Saturday to visit some of the local breweries and check out the growing beer scene. It turns out that Corvallis is a relatively easy jaunt that works well for day trips, being about a 2.5 hour drive away (joining the ranks of other less-than-3-hour trips like Eugene, Hood River, and Oakridge), so I can easily see more trips in … Continue reading →