StylesLatest print article: Shandies, radlers, snakebites, oh my!

My latest print article for our local paper is out: Try a shandy this summer. I delve into what I consider great summer styles/mixers, shandies and radlers, and touch on snakebites a bit. And though I didn’t plan it, the timing was good: June 22 was National Radler Day. I’d encourage … Continue reading

Kona Big Wave/Elderfire Golden Ale (beer cocktail)

It seems befitting of a New Year’s day post to review a beer cocktail: in this case, the Elderfire Golden Ale mixed up from the package Kona Brewing sent me a few weeks ago, containing Kona’s Big Wave Golden Ale, Bombay Sapphire Gin, and St. Germain liqueur. I thought this … Continue reading

Received: Kona Big Wave (beer and cocktail)

I received a package from Kona Brewing on Friday containing quite a nice arrangement—dovetailing perfectly with my Session post on “beer hype” that it nearly became the subject—and an unexpected one: the first time I believe I’ve received a PR package acknowledging and centering around a beer cocktail. Here’s the … Continue reading

Brewing Up Cocktails, winter edition

I forgot to include this on the Oregon beer news post this week: if you’re in the Portland area tonight, check out The Hop and Vine for a special winter and holiday-themed edition of Brewing Up Cocktails, the latest in the “series of events explores the interplay of craft beer … Continue reading