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Beer Bloggers Conference, day 2

Following day 1 of the Beer Bloggers Conference, you might recall that I had, er, a bit of hangover so my morning started out slowly—but I was downstairs in time for the first of the sessions at 9:30. I will note upon reflection that day 1 seems (to me) to have had more of the convivial, party-type aspect to it (a shorter day punctuated by a lot of beer, people meeting for the first time, … Continue reading →

Where should the Beer Bloggers Conference be held in 2012?

Sunday near the end of the Beer Bloggers Conference I tweeted: “Where should the Beer Bloggers Conference be held next year?” I promised to run the results of this (informal) poll, and based on what I’ve seen, here are the various suggestions along with number of votes, counted up in a highly non-scientific manner: Philadelphia – 8 votes Asheville, NC – 5 votes East Coast – 5 votes Portland, ME – 4 votes Boston – … Continue reading →

Beer Bloggers Conference wrapped up

The Beer Bloggers Conference ended today and while I’m still writing about the final two days (that’s going to be a long post), I did just want to post a note saying that this was a great conference (as such things about blogging go, I imagine) and I found it incredibly valuable. Much thanks out to the organizers (Alan and Elle, great work). And it was great meeting so many other bloggers that I’ve only … Continue reading →

Beer Bloggers Conference live beer blogging

Live beer blogging! I’ll be updating this live for the next 40 or so minutes (and I’ll have pictures later). First up: Widmer Brothers Prickly Pear Braggot, from 2010. This has really aged well and was presented to us by Rob Widmer himself. 10% abv. Fruity, nice mead character, almost a wine-like quality. Next is Karl Strauss Boardwalk Black Rye, presented by Ryan Ross. 8%abv, kind of a Black Rye IPA/CDA/whatever you want to call … Continue reading →

Beer Bloggers Conference, day 1

The first day of the Beer Bloggers Conference kicked off roughly at noon with the registration and meet-and-greet, and (naturally) beer: Widmer’s Falconer’s IPA, and Sierra Nevada’s Tumbler Brown and Ovila Saison in particular were among the samples I tried. There was plenty of swag to be had, too: including scoring a T-shirt, mug and hop-infused cigar from Gerard from Road Trips for Beer. The keynote by John Foyston and Fred Eckhardt (following a good … Continue reading →