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Vive la (Beer) Revolution!

When I moved to the Bay Area a few months ago, many friends and colleagues, knowing my love of beer, recommended Oakland’s Beer Revolution as a must-visit. It sounded like a place I could disappear into for days but sadly it took me a while to make it over (despite it only being about 5 miles from my office). The stars aligned recently and my co-workers and I stopped in ready to join the revolution. … Continue reading →

Broken Top Bottle Shop, Bend’s newest beer bar

You might remember earlier this month I wrote about how Bend’s Abbey Pub was changing, to become the Broken Top Bottle Shop & Ale CafĂ©; this past week one of the owners commented on the blog with details on the new beer bar, and this weekend I (along with my wife and kids) was able to visit, meet the owners and get a pre-opening tour. Here are the details from the comments: Broken Top Bottle … Continue reading →

The Bier Stein, Eugene, Oregon

Previously I mentioned how we did a day trip over to Eugene for beer. More specifically, it was a trip to (finally) visit The Bier Stein. The Bier Stein is a pre-eminent beer bar and bottle shop; in their words: The Bier Stein is a connoisseur beer store located in Eugene, Oregon. We have been serving great beer since July of 2005, and have the largest beer selection south of Portland and north of San … Continue reading →

San Diego beer notes: O’Brien’s Beer Bar

On Saturday during our trip to San Diego, my brother and I (along with a friend of his and two kids) made it down to O’Brien’s Beer Bar. O’Brien’s is my brother’s favorite bar in San Diego—I believe he even said “the best”—because of their incredible beer list and atmosphere. I shall defer to his judgment on this issue; I was suitably impressed. Dispel any images of a chic, uptown type of place when you … Continue reading →