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Shawn Kelso IS joining 10 Barrel

It would appear yesterday’s speculation about the future of Barley Brown’s brewer Shawn Kelso was correct, and now the cat is officially out of the bag: Kelso will be joining 10 Barrel Brewing at their upcoming Boise brewpub. Brewpublic has the story, and just a little while ago 10 Barrel themselves issued a press release. Kelso has been with Barley Brown’s for 11 years, and should be moving to 10 Barrel in March. Full press … Continue reading →

Shawn Kelso is leaving Barley Brown’s

Some interesting news to ring in 2012, as announced on Twitter and Facebook last night by Barley Brown’s owner Tyler Brown: Shawn Kelso, Brewmaster of the Baker City, Oregon brewpub, is leaving. As many of you have heard, Shawn Kelso is leaving Barley Brown’s to take a brewing job at larger brewery. We wish him the the best of luck in his new adventure. No further details yet of course, and I’ve got an email … Continue reading →

Barley Brown’s Turmoil CDA and Speed Wobble IRA

Last weekend my friend Kina facilitated the delivery of two growlers of beer from Barley Brown’s over in Baker City: their GABF-gold-medal-winning Turmoil CDA (Cascadian Dark Ale) and a new beer, Speed Wobble IRA (Imperial Red Ale). I’ve had Turmoil before (and reviewed it here) and drinking it fresh again is eye-opening: this may be the best Cascadian Dark Ale (or Black IPA, or American Black Ale, or whatever you want to call it) being … Continue reading →

Barley Brown’s Brewpub

From my last post you know I visited Barley Brown’s Brewpub this weekend, and already posted some notes on the beer sampler. Now I’ve had time to write up a more complete review. (Quick correction to my last post, as well: the Hot Blonde I sampled turned out not to be the Hot Blonde at all; it was in fact the Shredder’s Wheat, and in fact the “infected” character I attributed to it was due … Continue reading →

Barley Brown’s Brewpub (preliminary)

We’re currently in Baker City (Oregon) for the weekend, and today paid a (preliminary) visit to the town’s only brewpub: Barley Brown’s. I hope to get a more thorough review (including pictures), but for now I have a quick report on their beers. Let me just say right off, this was the cheapest sampler tray I’ve ever encountered: $4.25 for those eight beers(!). Seriously! I expect to pay $8.95 or so for this—so half that … Continue reading →