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Barley Brown’s Brewpub

From my last post you know I visited Barley Brown’s Brewpub this weekend, and already posted some notes on the beer sampler. Now I’ve had time to write up a more complete review. (Quick correction to my last post, as well: the Hot Blonde I sampled turned out not to be the Hot Blonde at all; it was in fact the Shredder’s Wheat, and in fact the “infected” character I attributed to it was due … Continue reading →

Barley Brown’s Brewpub (preliminary)

We’re currently in Baker City (Oregon) for the weekend, and today paid a (preliminary) visit to the town’s only brewpub: Barley Brown’s. I hope to get a more thorough review (including pictures), but for now I have a quick report on their beers. Let me just say right off, this was the cheapest sampler tray I’ve ever encountered: $4.25 for those eight beers(!). Seriously! I expect to pay $8.95 or so for this—so half that … Continue reading →