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Barley Brown’s gets TTB approval for new brewery

I blogged a month ago in detail about Baker City’s Barley Brown’s Brewpub and their expansion plans, and there’s good news from the TTB (U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau): approval! The United States Department Of The Treasury Alcohol And Tobacco Tax And Trade Bureau approved our Brewers Notice to open a second brewery in Baker City. Cheers! This is great news, it means Barley Brown’s can (definitely) move forward with opening the … Continue reading →

Big news for Barley Brown’s

Ever since the story broke that Barley Brown’s Brewpub Brewer Shawn Kelso was leaving the Baker City brewery to join 10 Barrel Brewing (as the head of their announced Boise brewpub), the Brewpub itself has been somewhat overshadowed by the ensuing news. But after spending the final weekend of spring break in Baker City, visiting friends and talking beer with a number of folks, I’m happy to report that Barley Brown’s is weathering the “storm” … Continue reading →

Shawn Kelso IS joining 10 Barrel

It would appear yesterday’s speculation about the future of Barley Brown’s brewer Shawn Kelso was correct, and now the cat is officially out of the bag: Kelso will be joining 10 Barrel Brewing at their upcoming Boise brewpub. Brewpublic has the story, and just a little while ago 10 Barrel themselves issued a press release. Kelso has been with Barley Brown’s for 11 years, and should be moving to 10 Barrel in March. Full press … Continue reading →