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Advent Beer Calendar 2011: Day 10: Anchor Christmas Ale

Today’s beer pick has appeared on the Beer Advent Calendar every year since I started: Anchor Christmas Ale (also known as Our Special Ale). This is the beer that established the modern Christmas beer tradition in American craft brewing: first introduced in 1975, this is a dark, spiced ale with a recipe that is different every year (and is always a closely guarded secret). The label changes each year as well, featuring a different tree: … Continue reading →

Advent Beer Calendar 2010: Day 22: Anchor Christmas Ale

Every year for the Advent Beer Calendar I’ve made it a tradition to select Anchor Christmas Ale for one of the days, and this year is no exception. The revitalization of Anchor under Fritz Maytag is in many ways the start of the revitalization of the American craft beer movement, and their annual Christmas Ale—brewed to a different recipe and featuring a unique label every year since 1975—is the venerable “grandfather” of the seasonal beer … Continue reading →

Big Beer Week: Anchor Old Foghorn

Let’s start off our Big Beer Week reviews with a classic: Anchor Old Foghorn, the venerable Barleywine from one of America’s oldest craft breweries. Barleywine is one of my favorite styles of beer, and Anchor has been producing their Old Foghorn since 1975—I wrote “classic” above, and to my mind this beer sits in the pantheon of American Barleywines. The current bottling has a strength of 9.4% alcohol by volume (their site gives a range … Continue reading →

Advent Beer Calendar 2009: Day 5: Anchor Christmas Ale

Today’s pick comes from beer writer Jay Brooks, author of the excellent Brookston Beer Bulletin as well as columns for several other publications and blogs. Jay picks a perennial favorite. The original American Christmas beer, at least in modern times, is undoubtedly Anchor Christmas Ale, whose official name is really “Our Special Ale.” But even they refer to it interchangeably as Christmas Ale. It debuted in 1975 and for the first few years was the … Continue reading →