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Advent Beer Calendar 2015: Day 5: Anchor Christmas Ale

Today is Repeal Day here in the United States, and to celebrate the repeal of Prohibition, today’s Advent beer pick is in many ways the Ur-beer of holiday seasonals, and one that has appeared in my Beer Advent Calendar every year since I started in 2005: Anchor Christmas Ale. The Ale’s recipe is different every year—as is the tree on the label—but the intent with which we offer it remains the same: joy and celebration … Continue reading →

Advent Beer Calendar 2014: Day 12: Anchor Christmas Ale

Today, the 12th, marks the halfway point for the Beer Advent Calendar, and I’ve chosen one of my favorite Christmas beers for today’s Advent pick—one that has been featured every single year I’ve been doing this calendar: Anchor Christmas Ale. It was first brewed in 1975, and this year is the fortieth annual version! Anchor is considered by some to be America’s first craft brewery since Prohibition, influencing and setting the mold for the small … Continue reading →

Advent Beer Calendar 2013: Day 24: Anchor Christmas Ale

Today is the final day of the Beer Advent Calendar! And if you’ve made it all the through today, you’re treated with today’s beer pick, Anchor Christmas Ale—a beer I’ve featured every single year as I consider Anchor’s annual Our Special Ale to perfectly embody the spirit of the season and set the stage for the modern craft brewing “holiday beer” tradition. Every year since 1975 the brewers of Anchor Steam® Beer have brewed a … Continue reading →

Anchors Away!

This will probably be surprising but of the dozens of breweries I’ve visited I’ve never once taken the opportunity to tour the facility. I’m uncertain whether it was reluctance or an obsession in reaching the tasting room/bar quicker but that all came to a screeching halt with a recent tour of the San Francisco landmark, and American craft beer legend, Anchor Brewing Company. The tour was courtesy of the amazing Jann and James Robinson—who’d won … Continue reading →

Advent Beer Calendar 2012: Day 1: Anchor Christmas Ale

It’s the first day of December and of course that means it’s time to break out your Advent calendars, and here on The Brew Site it’s the annual Beer Advent Calendar time as well, one of my favorite blogging times of the year! Each day of December from the 1st through the 24th I reveal a new Christmas (or other appropriately-themed holiday or winter) beer in Advent calendar fashion. The very first Advent calendar beer of … Continue reading →