Stream of consciousness

No, this is not beer-induced (or influenced) stream of consciousness, unfortunately…

By now everyone in the beer world (and some in the "real" world too, no doubt) have heard about the "Sam Adams" flap between the Boston Beer Company and actual Portland resident Sam Adams. To wit, Sam Adams (of Portland) is running for mayor, and Boston Beer Company—the brewers of Samuel Adams beers—sent a cease-and-desist for two websites registered with "samadams" in the name, demanding that the domains be surrendered.

They’ve since come to their senses and backed down. For links, Jay has the best (IMHO) overall writeups here and here.

The next Session is hosted by Tomme Arthur and is themed Beer and Music.

I don’t know if I’ll make it to the Fresh Hops Tastival tomorrow—I’d like to, but we’re pretty busy with a number of things going on. Fingers crossed.

Already started thinking about this year’s Beer Advent Calendar. This will be the third year I’ve done it (I have a tradition!), I need to make a spreadsheet of the beers I picked the previous two years to keep track of it all.