Strange brew

Kind of a throwaway article, but still kind of interesting, "Brewer’s goal is a chicken in every pint" is about an award-winning homebrewer who brews with odd ingredients.

Just check out some of the ingredients the award-winning home brewer has put in his beer: spinach, sweet potatoes, marshmallows, tea, coffee, beans and all sorts of spices and peppers.

Heck, Jones’ ultimate goal is to brew a poultry ale.

"I’ve got to get a chicken into a beer," the Brockport resident says….

Other times he’ll brew a beer just to see whether he can. On a visit to the Penn Yan Buckwheat Festival, he picked up some buckwheat and brewed it with maple syrup to create "the ultimate breakfast beer."

I can’t say I’ve ever brewed with anything as weird as this guy, but I have brewed beer with pumpkin, ginger, licorice, spruce essence, coffee, and even a hot pepper or two once—you know, the usual stuff. I once wondered what would result by adding yeast to a batch of Kool-Aid, but fortunately I never tried.

However, I don’t really know what the last line of the article is supposed to mean: "Just because the brew is strange, it shouldn’t kill what’s inside of you."