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Steens Mountain Brewing’s new taproom is open

Burns, Oregon-based Steens Mountain Brewing Company, the only brewery in Harney County and whom I wrote about last year, has been working on opening a new taproom this fall. It had been something they’d been working on for awhile, and in October they announced where it would be:

Drum roll please….. Figaro’s Pizza and Steens Mountain Brewing Company are teaming up! The Steens Mountain tap room will be moving into the ‘front dining room’ of Figaro’s Pizza. The tap room will have seating for 25-30 people. You can bring in your Figaro’s pizza, sandwiches, wings, salad, bread sticks, etc. into the taproom and enjoy a craft beer and watch a game or just visit with friends and family. We will have 3-4 Steens brews on tap, a guest tap for other Oregon craft breweries (especially eastern Oregon breweries like 1188 & Tiger Town). Atlas cider along with various Oregon wines will be served. There will also be bottles of domestic beers available. The tap room will be open M-F 4:30-8:00 PM and Sat/Sun Noon-8 PM.

And… today’s the day! The new Figaro’s location taproom will be open from noon to 8pm today, for a soft opening today only as they lead into Thanksgiving week:

This week is a ‘soft’ opening, meaning we wont have everything available right away. [W]e will have 3 or 4 taps going, domestic bottled beer and wine. By Friday we hope to have Atlas Cider, a tap with another craft beer and a guest tap from 1188 Brewing (John Day).

After today’s opening, they’ll re-open just after Thanksgiving—and because they are attached to a take-out pizza place there are some food and alcohol rules to be aware of:

We will be celebrating our move and re-opening on Black Friday Nov 24th and Saturday the 25th. We promise no left-over turkey!

Here are some of the basic rules: 1) No alcohol beverages may be brought into, nor consumed, in Figaro’s at any time; 2) Figaro’s food may be brought into/delivered to Steens tap room; 3) Only food from Figaro’s may be brought into tap room; 4) Open containers may not be taken outside; and 5) enjoy yourself and time spent with friends and family.

They are still brewing at their main/original location on 150 W. Washington Street location with a planned upgrade to 1.75 barrels.

This is a great move for the brewery, one I’m happy to see realized. And now I’m hoping to make a trip out to Burns sometime soon to check it out (ironically, we just drove through there a few weeks ago though had no time to stop). Here’s the shot they posted of the new space: