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St. Peter’s Organic Ale

Back around the holidays I picked up a variety of specialty beers, including a couple in unique flask-shaped bottles from a brewery I’d not heard of before: St. Peter’s Brewery, in Suffolk, England. Last night I drank one of the two I bought, their Organic Ale.

Overall, not bad. First thing I noted was there was barely any head, just a thin layer of foam when poured. Carbonation otherwise seemed fine, not unusually low. It was a nice light gold color. Aroma was floral, a bit herbal, a bit sour (citrusy). The flavor was similar, a bit of sourness and notable hop bitterness—the hops seemed green, almost grassy with a bitter bite. The malt is there, but is almost overpowered by the hops. I’d drink it again.

I love the bottle, it’s what caught my eye in the first place. It’s probably a nightmare to store and ship, but I’d love to see more breweries use this style of bottle… that would make it easier for me to collect empties for homebrew! :)